Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wedding Pics, Or: The Continuing Saga of the Almost Complete Lack of Internet Access in Rwanda

It's now been three days this week without internet access at work... which makes... you know, work, difficult. I've heard that it's because of a severed cable located anywhere from southern Uganda to the street across from the Supreme Court.
I'm posting this from a cafe... with spotty internet access... which makes it maddeningly difficult to upload more than this picture of me and my "date" to last weekend's wedding. Clearly, though, this is the best of the pics.


Becca Swearingen said...


and MAN... you look like you've gotten a LOAD of sun!

Be safe.

Kate said...

Man, you did some work to get that picture just so, huh? Nice!

Captain Judy said...

oh my! I don't know who was luckier to have the date, you or Standerfer. Lookin' sharp though!

Kimberly Caldwell said...

I don't believe Joe outlawed having professors as dates, so I think you are in the clear.

Also, there are always stories about some line being down somewhere, causing Internets to suck. Really, I think it's that Internets just aren't trying hard enough to be awesome.